Meet the Pet Attendant Pack

MN Pack
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Meet: Lara

Owner and Principal Planner of Doggy Social with her goofy pup, Asbjorn, her inspiration behind DS. Lara is living her very best life by petting all the pups and helping to make your Big Day the Best Day Ever! 


Meet: Molly

Molly has been with Doggy Social from the beginning and is one of our Lead Pet Attendants. Her deep affection fur animals and delight in having the honor of being apart of your Big Day make her a paw-mazing PA! Her infectious smile and joy fur life are a great addition to your Best Day!


Meet: Rachel

Rachel has also been with Doggy Social from the beginning and is also one of our Lead Pet Attendants. Rachel's respect and love fur all animals is a beautiful thing to witness. She is known fur her "pup talks" with your pup as she gives them all her love and attention during the day. 

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Meet Lauren (Lo):

Lo fully understands the importance of her role when it comes to responsibility, expectations, and the ins and outs of weddings. But, where she really shines is her deep and devote love to pups! Lo is not only mama to 4 rescue pups, she is also VP of Dogs of a Good Society


Meet: Melanie (Mel)

Mel's favorite moment at your wedding is when you see your pup fur the first and your pup are SO excited! 😍 She loves helping you and your pup have a fun and stress-free Big Day! You will find Mel has the biggest pawmazing fur-lovin' ❤! 


Meet: Deb

Deb has never met a pup that she didn't love and didn't love her back. She grew up with pups all her life and finds it a great honor to be by your pup's side on you Big Day! When asked what her advice would be to any of our couples, "Relax and enjoy the HAPPIEST day of your life! We'll take the best, most compassionate care of your sweet fur babies!"


Meet: Shannon

Shannon is not only the proud mama of Frosty and Twinkie, she may have the biggest heart of anyone you have ever met! She will give your pups all the love they can handle and makes her #1 goal to keep them safe and happy! 

MT Pack

Meet: Monteen

Monteen has been a animal lover and planner all her life! She is our Lead Pet Attendant in Montana and you won't find anyone better to not only make sure your pups are safe and happy but that you are getting the BEST customer service!