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5 Wedding Day Pup Tips!❤🐶❤

By: Lara Leinen 2.2.2022

Planning your wedding should be fun, especially with your pup being there! Here are a few tips that should help your day go even more smoothly and paw-fect!

1. Practice wearing the wedding outfit! Most pups aren't familiar with wearing a floral collar or outfit, so the more they practice wearing something similar before the Big Day the more comfortable and more fun they will be that day. Check out this faux floral collar to practice with!

2. Practice that walk! A few times a week try to take your pup fur a walk with a collar and/or harness so they are comfortable and more practiced on your Big Day before walking down the aisle or simply just visiting.

Extra Tip: If your pup can walk better with a harness on, but you don't want them wearing it during pics, don't worry! Your pet attendant will give your pup an "outfit change" to give your pup ultimate comfort, safety AND cuteness!

Try: Front clip harness, front and back clip option harness and if your pup is smaller try a harness fur a small pup.

Photo: Jenna Conlin

3. Fur-friendly Venue! Make sure your venue is fur-friendly! Those that are not, share with them what we be your Pet Attendant fur the day and most venues will make exceptions. Check out our previous post fur some great choices in MN and WI.

4. Pup Photos! Be sure to chat with your photographer before your Big Day to let them know what your hopes and style is fur those super cute pup photos! The more they know the more happy you will be with your photos.

Photo: Ivory North Co

5. Book your professional Pet Attendant! We typically book out about 6-12 months and it's the worst having to put couples on our waitlist. We serve MN, IL, WI, and MT, but we are expanding! If we don't serve your area, let us know where you are and we will recommend one of our friends and highly reputable Pet Attendant companies closest to you in the states AND the world!

Photo: Amanda Birnie

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