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Floral Dog Collars: Need to know!

By Lara Leinen 3.2.2022

Are you planning to have your pup wear a floral pup collar on your Big Day? If so, please read below before doing so!

First off, floral pup crowns are PAW-MAZING, fur sure! Pups have been wearing them fur years and florists are getting better and better at making them to be sturdy and beautiful. There are a few things to consider before choosing a live floral collar verses a faux-floral collar though, just to make sure it's a grrrreat and safe choice fur your pup.

  1. MANY flowers are poisonous to pups! Don't be alarmed, there are many beautiful flowers that are not, but be sure your florist knows what they are and use only safe flowers. Here is good list to work from: ASPCA Plants toxic to dogs.

  2. Simple can be best. A simple greenery collar not only looks lovely, it also has more of a chance of surviving longer that day with no delicate flowers to worry about and goes great with most themes. Here is a very nice simple faux greenery crown.

  3. Faux or live flowers? This is certainly different fur every pup and person. Do you have a mover and a shaker pup? If so, you don't want your pup to shake off all the petals of your stunning floral collar before you even get a picture! If you really want floral fur your energetic pup, try a beautiful faux floral collar to help your pup not destroy live flowers and get those crazy cute pics! Here are few beautiful faux floral crowns:

Burgundy and Pink faux floral collar

Full white faux floral collar

4. Make sure your floral collar is made well! We always suggest to have your pup's floral collar be made by a pro. A poorly made collar could sharply poke your pup or fall to pieces after wearing for 30 seconds. We have seen these and while we are there to help take it off and on your pup when needed, you don't want have 30 seconds to get a good pic! Hot Tip: Make sure your florist knows how big your pup is and their neck size!

5. Want big? GO BIG! With a Pet Attendant there, we help to put on and take off the collar when needed, we call this "outfit changes". Want that stunning over the top floral pup collar but worried your pup can't wear it long? We got you! We can put on for pics and then make sure your pup is comfortably back out of it right after pics and then maybe back on the walk the aisle....or whenever!

I hope this has been helpful and make your decision easier! We are here fur you, so please comment below if you ever want me to deep dive into anything specific! I love doing research and sharing our knowledge to help your Big Day be paw-fect!

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