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Our Favorite Women-Owned MN Fur-Lovin' Businesses

By: Lara Leinen 4.6.2022

In honor of Women's History Month, (I know it was last a little behind) I would love to take this opportunity to share a few of my favorite Minnesota women-owned businesses that not only create paw-mazing pup products and/or experiences, but also are legit talented and authentic women that have truly been an inspiration to me. These women are not only thriving in their fields, but are VERY supportive of other women owned business, mine being one of them. We just can't thank them enough for being their truly amazing selves! These talented women take care of you, your pup and LOVE what they do!

Photo: K Schulz Photography

KoveredUp - Owner and creator, Rachael Stepaniak, is not only a talented pup loving creator, she is one of the warmest people I know in the business world. I don't recall how we met anymore, but she has been there fur our clients time and time again with her stunning custom creations. If you are looking fur a little custom curtness on your Big Day....or ANY day, you have to check her out!

CuddelMutt - Meeting the owner of CuddleMutt, Kristen Farris, you can't help but smile! She is genuinely one of the kindest people you will ever meet, her pup gear is of

super high quality and she has a BIG heart fur rescue pups. What is not to love about her and her biz?? When you buy one of their comfy blankets, they donate one to rescue organizations to comfort dogs in need and help fund their basic care.

Use: DoggySocial10 fur 10% off your next purchase!

Pinewood - Kate Becker...where to start?! When I first started I was a networking mad woman trying to dive back into the wedding world again and learn all I could from the current professionals. I sent an email to Kate, because she is a very well known and talented photographer, sharing what we do and provide which she then shared with all her clients and welcomed me with a virtual warm embrace. Her warmth is truly out of this world and her talent is limitless. This combination makes her one of the most wonderful people in the world to work with. Later, when she created Pinewood, I asked if she was going to make it dog-friendly and she responded: "Of course!" and she kept her word. Pinewood is one of our very favorite venues and we just love watching her continue to share her talents and big heart with us all! Kate has recently retired from photography, as she has soooooo much going on and is focused on her other pawmazing projects and interests, like Pinewood.

Sidewalk Dog - I can't say enough great things about Ali Jarvis and her entire team! Ali, owner and founder of Sidewalk Dog, is by the far my favorite person in the pup world! Her talents, big heart, super fun nature, professionalism, drive, creativity, and authenticity are just a few of her character traits that I absolutely love.

As all great business do, Sidewalk Dog started from Ali's own experiences. After her beloved pup was diagnosed with a rare muscular disease and needed to be given meds throughout the day, Ali, that while she had always wanted to spend more time with her pup, now she really had to. In short, she could not find a good resource of dog-friendly places and learned many other people also wanted to spend more time with their pups but could not easily find places to take them either.... so began Sidewalk Dog! THANK YOU, Ali!!

Promo Codes: Use doggy5 for $5 off the Brewery Pass and social5 for $5 off their Patio Leash!

There are many other many pawmazing women-owned businesses in MN, of course, and CHEERS to them all!! It can be challenging as an entrepreneur and to have so many supportive and talented women out their all working together to bring the very best to our clients helps us all focus on what's important. creating our best and having fun doing so!

Due to popular demand, stay tuned fur a list of wedding vendors we have worked with that are clearly fur-lovin' and talented people that we highly recommend!

***Important note: None of these links are affiliates nor do we receive anything when you click on them. We are simply providing you our favorite list.

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