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Our Favorite Wedding Day Dog Treats!

By: Lara Leinen 5.16.2022

We get asked all the time, what treats do you use? Well, here it is!

From the beginning, I wanted a to provide our wedding pups with a high quality and simple treat (so that their tummies didn't get sick with all the excitement of the day)....and because your pup only deserves the best!

So, after a great deal of research, I found Grandma Lucy's Organic Baked Dog Treats! With quality ingredients and small enough that your pup can have more than just a few, we have found that almost 99% of our pups LOVE them! That 1% are the pups we learn beforehand that they should not have them due to an allergy or they simply need a different treat. Lastly, honestly, they are too CUTE! The only issue we have run into so far is when groomsman think they are teddy grahams...only to learn after eating one, they are not. HA!

I think it's important to share, I am receiving no compensation or anything from Grandma Lucy fur sharing this with you, it's simply what we use and we love it!

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